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Wale Akinyemi Trainings

Leadership Roundtable | Thursday 30th November

Leadership Roundtable | Thursday 30th November

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Theme: Communicating For Impact

When communication is not effective, teamwork dips, trust is low, customers are unhappy and the business suffers. Be a part of our Kilifi Leadership Roundtable.

What you will learn:
1. How to amplify your voice as a leader
2. How  to make every word count and carry the team along
3. How to use communication as a tool to build a winning team.

Dive into a transformative experience where leaders like you come together to explore the art of powerful communication. Engage in interactive discussions, share experiences, and learn from fellow leaders.

This is more than just a conversation. It's a journey to becoming an impactful communicator and a visionary leader. Let your words inspire change. Let your leadership make a difference.

Who Should Attend?
Business leaders, Heads of Departments, Team Leaders and anyone whose success as a leader involves their influencing the actions of others.

When: Thursday 30th November
Time: 1pm - 5pm
Venue: Villa D'Alafia, Kilifi Plantation
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