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There are three kinds of people. Those whose brains die before they die; those whose brains die with them; and those whose brains never die. This final category are those whose minds were able to produce in their lifetime things that remained relevant years after they were no more around. Have you ever wanted to become such a powerhouse of innovation and creativity? Are you tired of just doing more of the same old thing and would love to break out with innovation after innovation?

Mental independence is a state where the human mind is empowered enough to soar to realms undiscovered. It is the state where the human mind is so empowered to be creative enough to pull things from unseen realms and make them tangible realities in the seeing world. It is a realm of thought where precedent is not a prerequisite for decision making. It is the realm where innovators are born.
The decision to read this book will be a monumental step in your personal transformation and a catalyst to separating you from the masses through your thinking.

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